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T-Mobile and Sprint join forces – here’s what’s coming

T-Mobile and Sprint, the third and fourth largest wireless networks, have officially merged to create the New T-Mobile.

As T-Mobile CEO John Legere hands over the reigns to Mike Sievert, former T-Mobile President and COO, customers are left wondering what happens next. In a few words, T-Mobile has set its sites on building the world’s most transformative 5G network.

What does that mean in practice? Faster speeds, even stronger coverage and better products at lower prices for customers in booming cities and rural areas alike. Let’s dive into the New T-Mobile.

A strong, faster network

From the top down, T-Mobile recognizes just how important a solid network is for its customers and is taking significant steps to amp up first nationwide 5G network.

“During this extraordinary time, it has become abundantly clear how vital a strong and reliable network is to the world we live in,” President and T-Mobile’s new President and CEO Mike Sievert said.

“With this powerful network, the New T-Mobile will deliver real choice and value to wireless and home broadband customers and double down on all the things customers have always loved about the Un-carrier.”

And these aren’t just words. Here’s what you can expect:

  • More capacity – The network will have 14 times more capacity in the next 6 years than T-Mobile alone has today.
  • Faster speeds – Customers will have access to average 5G speeds up to eight times faster than current LTE in just a few years and 15 times faster over the next 6 years.
  • 5G network– Within 6 years, the New T-Mobile will provide 5G to 99% of the U.S. population and average 5G speeds in excess of 100 Mbps to 90% of the U.S. population.
  • Rural coverage – New T-Mobile’s business plan is built on covering 90% of rural Americans with average 5G speeds of 50 Mbps, up to two times faster than broadband coverage.

“The network is at the core of everything we do as a business, and it’s critically important for keeping customers connected to each other, their communities and the world,” said Neville Ray, president of Technology at T-Mobile.

“The supercharged 5G network that we’ll build as a combined company will be a huge step forward, transforming wireless, fueling innovation and delivering new experiences for customers all across the country that we can’t even imagine today.”

Better products at lower prices

What are the most important factors that you look for when it comes to your wireless provider? We’re willing to bet price falls in line right after coverage.

The New T-Mobile will check both of those boxes with free access to 5G and the best rate plans at low prices, now and in the future. That means all customers can reap the benefits of the supercharged Un-carrier network at a great value.

All these changes must mean a jump in your bill, right? No. The New T-Mobile is committed to delivering the same or better rate plans for three years, which includes access to 5G. This also goes for prepaid and Lifeline customers, too.

A brand you’ll love

T-Mobile has a formula that its customers have loved for years, setting record score after record score for customer care satisfaction.

In February, T-Mobile achieved yet another record high score in J.D. Power’s U.S. Wireless Customer Care Full-Service Performance Study, the 19th time the Un-carrier has ranked highest among full-service providers and the third time in a row to set a new record-breaking score.

The New T-Mobile will continue that winning formula for current and new customers.

More resources also means T-Mobile can expand as a force for good, pledging not only to be a bigger company but also a better company. Here are a few of its initiatives:

  • First responders – The Connecting Heroes Initiative to offer free unlimited talk, text and smartphone data to ALL first responders at ALL public and nonprofit state and local fire, police and EMS agencies.
  • Free internet access – Project 10Million will deliver free internet access and hardware to 10 million households over the next five years.
  • Outstanding customer service – New T-Mobile customers will also receive industry-leading customer care. And all post-paid customers will have access to T-Mobile’s award-winning Team of Experts.

Investing into the network

More capacity, higher speeds and a better network sounds great, but it doesn’t happen on its own. The New T-Mobile is investing $40 billion over the next three years to make these goals a reality.

The combined assets of T-Mobile and Sprint are expected to unlock at least $43 billion in synergies for all shareholders, too, by reducing redundant cell sites and deploying new technology faster than the companies could separately.

What’s the bottom line?

If you’re an existing T-Mobile customer, this is a big win. If you’re a Sprint customer, the New T-Mobile is ready to welcome you with its best in-class customer service and unparalleled network.

“With this powerful network, the New T-Mobile will deliver real choice and value to wireless and home broadband customers and double down on all the things customers have always loved about the Un-carrier,” president and CEO Sievert said. “T-Mobile has been changing wireless for good — and now we are going to do it on a whole new level!”

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