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Tech You Should Know

Want to learn more about this digital life we’re all immersed in? Grab this podcast as Kim Komando explores topics that impact us each and every day. From scammers to hackers and social media to product reviews, Kim finds top experts to give us their side of the story or explain what Big Tech is doing now. Kim pulls back the curtain so you know what’s really going on.

Latest episodes

Tech Refresh: Costco scam, Amazon Sidewalk and your privacy, cable prices going up

December 4, 2020
Black Friday and Cyber Monday are over, and the sales numbers are jaw-dropping. Find out just how much people spent — and the scams shoppers are already seeing. Plus, what’s up with Facebook’s new $1 billion acquisition, and should you opt-out of Amazon Sidewalk? Short answer: Yes. The team plays Brand New or Not True. Can Allie stump Ben and Mike?

Bonus episode: An hour of The Kim Komando Show

December 1, 2020
Every so often, Kim likes to gift an hour of the national radio show — commercial free and ready to listen to on your schedule. The show airs on more than 400 stations across the U.S. and on demand. Kim dives into all things shopping to help you find the best tech gifts for everyone on your list. From the tech obsessed to the tech-phobic, you’ll find just the right present. This is just 1 hour of the 12 hours of quality programming available only to Komando Community members each month. Sign up so you never miss a thing! Right now, get 40% off when you sign up for one year at Use code CYBER40.

Best of: Coping with the pandemic blues

November 27, 2020
In this best of episode, Kim sits down with a good friend of the Komando Show, Howard Scott Warshaw. He’s notorious for creating what’s regarded as the worst video game in history. A little hard on the ego, huh? Well, he’s definitely bounced back. Howard and Kim talk about his start at Atari, how he became the therapist for all of Silicon Valley’s movers and shakers, and how to cope with the pandemic blues. 

Best of: Get paid for YOUR data

November 26, 2020
In this best of episode, Kim chats with author and computer scientist Jaron Lanier — one of the founding fathers of virtual reality — about what it could look like if we truly had control over our info online. You may think advertising runs the internet, but the big data behind it is where the real profits come from. We’re being followed all around the internet and tracked where we go through our phones, watches, tablets, cars, smart speakers and a multitude of other devices. If Big Tech can cash in on our data, why can’t we?

Best of: Are self-driving cars safe? It's complicated

November 25, 2020
In this best of episode, Kim dives into the world of automated cars. Self-driving cars aren’t some crazy future tech … They’re here now. That raises some questions. Do they actually work? Is it safe? Is it worth shelling out $8,000 for Tesla’s “full self-driving” option? To find out, Kim sat down with Consumer Report’s Head of Connected and Automated Vehicle Testing. Hop in and buckle up.

Tech Refresh: What we're grateful for, smart password tactics and shopping in secret

November 24, 2020
In this special episode of Tech Refresh, Kim joins Mike’s team in Brand New or Not True. Can Allie, Ben and Cassidy fool them? Plus, the tech getting the Komando team through 2020, PlayStation and Xbox scams and practical ways to manage all those passwords.

Tech Refresh: Amazon Pharmacy, Baby Yoda in space, Gmail pro tips

November 20, 2020
Dive into the week in tech news with Allie, Ben, Cassidy and host Mike. Amazon’s online pharmacy is here, but think twice before you order. Plus, Twitter jumps on the stories bandwagon, Baby Yoda climbs aboard a SpaceX ship and Chrome’s new update is the biggest performance booster in years. The team talks holiday shopping (have you started yet?) and see if Mike can keep up his winning streak in Brand New or Not True.

Mostly Harmless: The internet mystery of a dead man, the Appalachian Trail, and $3.5K in cash

November 17, 2020
Two years ago, hikers found a dead man in a tent. A year before that, he had left his tech job, with no phone or identification, to find peace on the Appalachian Trail. To this day, nobody knows who he is or why he died. In this episode, Kim dives into the mystery that captivated the internet. One day, the man called himself Denim for his jeans; the next, he introduced himself as “Mostly Harmless.” This is his story.

Tech Refresh: Virgin Hyperloop's first ride, data breach madness, fake Clorox websites

November 13, 2020
In this episode of Tech Refresh, Allie, Ben, Cassidy and Mike talk Netflix’s new TV channel (really!), a $6K camera from Leica, and the never-ending notifications always buzzing and beeping at us. Plus, the latest tricks scammers are using to steal your money and a tribute to the late Alex Trebek. And find out if Mike can finally guess correctly in Brand New or Not True.
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