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Kim Komando Daily Tech Update

In 60 seconds, you’ll know the most burning tech issue of the day or perhaps a new tech trick for your digital life. Short and to the point, this podcast keeps you informed without any fanfare. Give Kim Komando one minute of your day and you’ll gain a ton of tech know-how you can use to sound smart with your family and friends.

Latest episodes

One Apple announcement coming today

April 20, 2021
Today Apple unveils some exciting new products, and one new term you’ll probably hear is LPTO. What does that mean? We've got the full scoop.

The Bitcoin bubble is about to burst

April 19, 2021
Cryptocurrency values are skyrocketing right now. One Bitcoin was selling for $62,300 at the close of business this past Friday. Plus, the value of the Dogecoin spiked by 400% this last week. Here's why it's going up — and why it will inevitably fall down.

3 tips to protect your privacy

April 18, 2021
Thanks to the internet, no one has real privacy anymore. Here are three things you can do today to give yourself and your family a bit more privacy.

Avoid this email mistake – it helps hackers

April 17, 2021
Most people save many emails from a variety of people. We even take the time to keep it all organized and use folders. Here's why hackers love that — and what you should do instead.

Don't buy an Apple Mac or iPad this weekend

April 16, 2021
This Tuesday, Apple is unveiling new products. The company's tight-lipped about what we can expect, but we know this event will be big. Here are some of the most exciting predictions.

Save a life: Talk about TikTok with your kids

April 15, 2021
TikTok challenges have been around since the site was created in 2016. These viral stunts are shared and copied by millions of people to gain social media clout. If you have kids in your family, it’s time you have the viral challenge chat. You just might save their life.

Can you kill the internet? This Texan tried

April 14, 2021
Earlier this week, the FBI arrested a Texan man for trying to "blow up the internet." But is that even possible?

Online classes are here to stay

April 13, 2021
Watching the evening news on any given day, you would think that every parent in America is demanding that schools reopen. In reality, many parents and students love their online classes.

Watch out for fake COVID cards!

April 12, 2021
As we begin returning to offices, restaurants, and retail outlets, here's a word of caution. No business should ever accept a COVID-19 vaccine card as proof that someone has been vaccinated. The online scams are rampant!
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